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Why Bonafel Supplements?

Supplements from Bonafel are completely natural and devoid of GMOs, artificial additives, and fillers. With active ingredients that produce true and beneficial effects, it has benefits that have been fully scientifically demonstrated. It doesn’t include inexpensive fillers like cereal, maize, rice, or wheat. Additionally, it is flavorful and easy to chew. As a result, it provides your companions with a delicious, easy, and healthy diet.
Developed to support the health of every pet, Bonafel formulas are tailored to meet different needs. Bonafel supplements, developed in facilities that comply with health and safety procedures, strengthen the immune systems of your friends and prevent injuries.

Our Values

All Natural

All Bonafel products are developed with 100% natural ingredients.

Creature Friendly

All Bonafel products have been tested on humans first.

Nature friendly

All Bonafel products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The most natural one is from Bonafel!

Bonafel products have been developed with natural ingredients to meet the many needs of your pets. It supports the digestive system, renews the skin, improves skin pH, protects the skin, reduces the risk of cancer, supports the heart, and offers liver repair. Bonafel products also offer many solutions for bone and muscle development, protecting muscle health, supporting muscle mass increase, and preventing hip dislocations. Additionally, they provide the healthiest and tastiest way to combat parasites, tartar, and harmful germs.
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