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Dog Nutrition Program

Just like all animals, dogs go through various life stages, and their nutritional needs can change depending on these stages. Your dog’s lifestyle has a direct impact on their needs. Dog nutritional requirements for athletic or active dogs, even if they are of the same breed, age, and size, will be very different than for a more passive dog.

Note: Each of the dog life stages does not necessarily require a dog food change.


Puppies need better-quality nutrition. They must consume smaller portions more frequently. A feeding schedule should be established for puppies, who are fed four times a day until they are four months old, and twice a day when they are six months old and older.

Depending on their size, puppies mature at different rates. Generally, when puppies are considered mature:

Small dog breeds: 6–12 months
Medium dog breeds: 6–12 months
Large dog breeds: 10-16 months
Giant dog breeds: up to 24 months

Overfeeding does not translate into a more robust and healthier dog. The breed characteristics of your dog will determine its growth, not how much food he consumes.

Find out the typical adult dog weight before calculating how much to feed your dog. The amount of food to give a puppy depends on its size, age, and anticipated adult body weight. Proper nutrition is the foundation for growth, muscle and skeletal formation, the immune system, and brain function.


Adult dogs should eat twice a day on average. Two equal portions of the predetermined amount of dog food should be given, spaced 8–12 hours apart. To maintain the ideal adult maintenance weight, the amount of dog food should be altered as required.

Adult dogs need enough calories to meet their bodily needs, repair themselves, and meet their energy needs. They ought to be fed in accordance with their size and level of activity. Even at the same size, a very active dog may ingest 20–40% more calories than the typical dog. Up to 10% fewer calories may be required by an inactive dog than by an average dog.

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